Online Care for Patients

To meet the needs of our patients, two options for virtual patient
care are available:

Option 1: Live Video Visit with Dr. Daniels

Simple As:

  • Call the office at 502-368-4133 to schedule an appointment
  • Confirm insurance
  • Pay co-pay [should insurance not be available, there is a flat fee of $125]

VSee Clinic |

Mobile: A Vsee Clinic app, is available in the iTunes App Store.

Option 2: Online Dermatology Consult with Dr. Daniels

Patients simply provide a brief medical history, information about their condition and upload photos.

After review, Dr. Daniels provides a diagnosis and personalized treatment plan, which includes routing necessary prescriptions to preferred pharmacies — within 24 hours on average.

Mobile: A DermatologistOnCall app, is available in the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store.