Clear + Brilliant Laser for Improved Texture, Tone, and Brightness

Clear + Brilliant® is the in between treatment we have been waiting for.  It is an affordable yet effective, proactive laser treatment designed for prevention and correction of aging skin with no downtime.  Based on proven fractional laser technology, Clear + Brilliant is perfect for patients who want to refresh their look, help prevent signs of aging and do all they can to keep their skin looking younger and more radiant.  After each treatment patients will notice brighter skin with improvement in skin tone, brown discoloration (sunspots or melasma), a smoother texture with a noticeable reduction in fine lines and pore size.

How does Clear + Brilliant work?

The Clear + Brilliant laser system creates an array of microscopic heated columns across the surface of the skin with each pass of the handpiece.  The tiny heated columns are surrounded by large areas of healthy skin which help promote quick healing with little or no social downtime. The healthy skin helps turn over the treated columns in a matter of days, revealing the fresh, smoother, healthier glowing skin below.

How many treatments are recommended?

We recommend 4-6 treatments spaced two to four weeks apart.  Each treatment, depending on how large of an area treated, may take in between 20-40 minutes.  Although the skin’s appearance looks better the more treatments that are performed, you will notice a “glow” to the skin with a soft, smooth feel just a few days after the first treatment.  This is the perfect device to freshen the skin before big events!

What does it feel like and what will I look like after?

Clear + Brilliant treatments are very tolerable.  We recommend that patients apply a topical anesthetic cream one hour prior to treatment.  This helps lessen the mild discomfort.  After the treatment, the skin will be mildly pink for a few days.  Light make-up generally covers this easily.  Unlike other deeper fractional lasers, there is very little swelling which allows you to carry on normal activities the next day.  There is a ‘sandpaper’ like feel to the skin after the treatment which resolves on its own in a few days. This subsequently reveals the new smooth, bright skin underneath.   We recommend using products enriched with antioxidants, growth peptides, and hyaluronic acid to enhance your results.

Is Clear + Brilliant safe on darker skin types?

Clear + Brilliant can be used on all skin colors even darker skin types, however like with all lasers there is a small risk of temporary post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  To help reduce this risk we use Hydroquinone (or other forms of bleaching cream) prior to and after the treatment.